Princess Aminatu

Princess Aminatu

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By Ronald Kayima ~ A comic Entitled “The Great Warrior Princess Aminatu” ~ “On Horseback She hastes across the desolate land with god-like speed.. the sound of hooves striking violently against the hard rocky surface echoes … like a one woman army she storms the subterranean village of Eshu..”

Ronald has been selected to be a part of a network of 6 Ugandan Comic Book Artists to contribute to a First Edition of Uganda’s Comic Art Feature. We are proud of him and we hope you are too. Kindly show your support by posting encouragement and feedback to his work.

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Ronald_Kayima_profileRonald Kayima’s Bio

I was Born on the 10th of August 1986 and for as long I can remember I have always been intrigued by all things artistic. I remember the first thing I ever tried to seriously draw was a picture of Bob Marley that my cousin had drawn. I got so jealous that he was that good and started drawing with a passion to be better ever since that day. Read a couple of comic books and always searched for any type of art that I could learn. I eventually found myself obsessed with interpretive art in high school and only practiced cartooning at my own leisure. After high school during my break I attempted my very first comic book and named it “Sunjata”.


I have drawn comics ever since that day and I am constantly looking to create stories that amaze and entertain.

Aminatu is actually a character from my original story “Sunjata” and also an actual African warrior of great legend.

I hope you enjoy the extraordinary adventures of “The Great Warrior Princess Aminatu”.


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  • suddenstorm says

    2013-06-01 02:36:23

    thanks for the good work. the animation and comic industry is so starved and people like you give it life. thanks again

  • didas says

    2014-01-03 08:00:56

    good work kayima. i am a starting comic book writer and would like your advice on a story i am currently working on.


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