“So UG”  Art Challenge

“So UG” Art Challenge

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Fellow Ugandan Artists, this is our first UCN  art Challenge: Create an Art Piece depicting a scene that conveys the message, “That’s So UG” ~ you know, the kind of thing you see and shake your head, and in your mind you say.. kika, that’s so Ugandan!!  Be as creative as you want to be.  The Challenge will run for One week from Today.

Entries can be either 2D, 3D or a Combination of both. One entry per Person. All the artwork has to be original so you have to show the entire process from Sketch to Final Render. Submit your final renders to our Facebook wall here: https://www.facebook.com/UgandaCartoonNetwork

Let the Fun Begin!!


Here are some reference photos to spur your imagination


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