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  • UCN Broadcast

    UCN Broadcast

    Welcome to the Uganda Cartoon Network TV STream. We will be doing regular live streams covering topics ranging from sharing tips and tricks to live tutorials, and discussions concerning the Art Industry in Uganda, East Africa, and Africa as a whole. Feel free to chime in and share the experience with us. We ask that […]

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  • UGA-BOT Design challenge

    UGA-BOT Design challenge

    Design a Ugandan Scrap Warrior Challenge: Sketch, Model, Texture, Rig, Animate and Render a 30 Second Clip of your Own Ugandan Style Robot. Winner takes all!! 1,000,000/- Ugandan Shilling Prize up for Grabs. The Goal is to repurpose old junk cars, boda bodas, old buses

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  • Moon Deities by Tusiime Milton

    Moon Deities by Tusiime Milton

    Moon Deities by Tusiime Milton is a comic series created by Tusiime Milton, a Ugandan Comic Book Artist. Below is his profile and the backstory to Moon Deities Tusiime Milton has been selected to be a part of a network of Ugandan Comic Book Artists to contribute to the Uganda Comic Art

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  • “So UG”  Art Challenge

    “So UG” Art Challenge

    Fellow Ugandan Artists, this is our first UCN  art Challenge: Create an Art Piece depicting a scene that conveys the message, “That’s So UG” ~ you know, the kind of thing you see and shake your head, and in your mind you say.. kika, that’s so Ugandan!!  Be as creative as you want to be. […]

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  • Kick Off by Tukamushaba

    Kick Off by Tukamushaba

    "Same Dream Everyday", a comic by Catherine Tukamushaba ~ "it is about a boy who wants to play soccer and that is his dream; but as he soon learns, with every choice he makes, there are consequences to following his dream" .. Catherine is an Illustrator/Digital Artist

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  • Princess Aminatu

    Princess Aminatu

    By Ronald Kayima ~ A comic Entitled “The Great Warrior Princess Aminatu” ~ “On Horseback She hastes across the desolate land with god-like speed.. the sound of hooves striking violently against the hard rocky surface echoes.... like a one woman army she storms

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  • Ordinary Jane

    Ordinary Jane

    A comic Strip by Sarah Akol M, Title: “The Adventures of an Ordinary Jane” ~ ” in the middle of the night, the relative peace and quiet of the Big City is broken by .. Sarah Akol M is a first year Industrial and Fine Art student at Uganda Christian University. She is also a […]

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  • SupremUs DeitAs

    SupremUs DeitAs

    By Lakony Atim ~ A comic Entitled "SupremUs DeitAs" ~ The Dark Corners of the national museum create a maze that leads to the beginning of our story ... Echoing off the cold walls is the Chanting of... Atim Lakony is a recent law graduate from Uganda

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  • Maximus by Humura

    Maximus by Humura

    An Exciting and action filled Comic book Strip by Humura Hoona Brian Kab ~ "Now on the Run for high acts of Treason, only one hybrid exists on the planet hara. One whose names has spawned fear through out the galaxy.. Maximus!!" Humura has been selected to be a part

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