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Tap Challenge, Modeling

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Hi Friends, the tap challenge is now closed, we are thrilled to share some of the best entries in the Modeling, Texturing and Lighting challenge. It was exciting to watch the Works in progress you all submitted. We believe that challenges such as this one, help us as artists to get out of our comfort zones and simply create for the fun of it, and in the process, learn something new and develop new skills.

This is the photo we provided, shot by Loukman Ali in Uganda. The challenge was for you to model, texture and light your submission, and try to come as close as possible to this original one.


We are very impressed. Check out this Gallery of submissions by the participants in the Tap Challenge. Thanks to all that joined us on this exciting 3D Tap adventure. Look out for more challenges.


  • EdgArts Creationz says

    2015-10-06 03:38:46

    I like what you do


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