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30 Second Animation Competition, “Busted”

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Greetings to you all. We welcome you to this “30 Second Animation Competition” presented by our friends and neighbors in Kenya: The Association of Animation Artists in Kenya. The competition is open to EAC member states: Kenya, Uganda ,Tanzania, Rwanda ,Burundi and South Sudan.

The Theme is: “Busted” ~ Use you imagination to come up with a fun and interesting 30 second animation along that theme. Your creation will only be limited by your imagination.

WINNING ENTRIES (More updates coming)
FIRST PLACE: $1200 Rabii Kinyogoli (Kenya)


SECOND PLACE: $600 AMP (Kenya)


THIRD PLACE: $350 ~ AddMaya Team in Uganda


Check out this video on how to Submit your animation: format should be mp4 or avi, online via http://ziqi.co.ke/

Association of Animation Artistes – Competition 2014 RULES

1. Submission deadline is 25th May 2014
2. File submission format should be in mp4 or avi, online via http://ziqi.co.ke/
3. Competitors must be 18 and over and residents of any of the following EAC member states: Kenya, Uganda ,Tanzania, Rwanda ,Burundi and South Sudan
4. The films submitted must be animated i.e. 80% or more of the visuals must have be generated frame by frame or using computer interpolation and use one or more of the following techniques: cel animation, computer animation, stop-motion, clay animation, pixilation, cutouts, pins, camera multiple pass imagery, kaleidoscopic effects, and drawing on the film frame itself.
5. The total length of the final animated film submission must not exceed 30 seconds
6. The visual and audio contents of the film should not infringe on copyrighted material
7. The animation must not contain offensive material. Material will be deemed offensive if it:

  • Promotes ethnic or racial hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance
  • Contains vulgar or gratuitous nudity or adult material or may be otherwise classified as pornography

By competing, you agree to the following.

  • Competitors agree to respect the decision of the competition Judges
  • The competitors grant a worldwide licence to A3 and A3 partners broadcast and promotional rights to use the images, video files and audio from their work and give attribution to the authors of the said work (i.e. the competitors)
  • The competitors agree to participate in promoting the competition and allow A3 and A3 partners to use their image and likeness in broadcasts promoting the competition
  • The competition is closed to A3 and sponsoring company employees, board members, management and competition judges

JUDGING: The winning entry will be selected by the following:

Paula Callus, Bournemouth University lecturer, Africa Animated 2004 – 2008
Ngendo Mukii, creator of ‘Yellow Fever’
Solomon Jagwe, creator of ‘Nkoza and Nankya’ animated series for Ugandan TV

PRIZES: Prize giving tiers are as follows:
Winner: Kshs 100,000 ($1200)
Runner up: Kshs 50,000 ($600)
Second runner up: Kshs 30,000 ($350)



  • fred says

    2014-05-21 08:49:33

    am trying to upload my video to http://ziqi.co.ke//index.php?mode=upload tells me security error

    • Ziqi Administrator says

      2014-05-24 02:02:51

      Hi Fred, Thanks, We have so far resolved that issue was so far resolved go ahead and upload your animation. Good luck

  • mosh king says

    2014-05-25 02:46:20

    Hi I uploaded my project yesterday hope it was received.

    • UCN Team says

      2014-05-25 02:19:47

      Received, thanks for participating

      • mosh king says

        2014-05-26 04:54:22

        your welcome

  • bbaale pius says

    2014-05-27 05:52:09

    hi this our short movie, we are also making another part.


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