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Mini Cooper Lighting Challenge

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Alright friends, here is the subject for this month’s Lighting and Render Challenge ~ feel free to download this FBX model and use any software and rendering engine of your choice.

Download link:

Check out this Gallery of submissions by the participants in the lighting Challenge. Thanks to all that joined us on this exciting 3D adventure. Look out for more challenges.

For those still interested, you can download the model using the link above. Give the scene some interesting environment while you are at it :)


May the Challenge Commence :)



  • kamya says

    2014-03-13 08:33:59

    as a way of failing the competition am asking to be sure, am I supposed to give it material too?, that. is not mentioned.
    incase I give it material, is it o.k, though the material is old and scratchy but realistic?
    when is the dealine and where are we uploading the the feed back.

    • UCN Team says

      2014-03-16 03:36:18

      Hi Simon, you use shaders primarily, but if you feel like making it a dirty old mini, you can use the uvs and create a custom texture map :) ~ for now there is no deadline, until we post the new challenge ~ I hope you have fun with this challenge :)

  • Pascal Ocan says

    2014-03-15 02:27:08

    when is the deadline

    • UCN Team says

      2014-03-16 03:37:10

      Hi Pascal, the challenge is open ended for now, to give the participants a chance to be more creative with the challenge.

  • Jay says

    2014-03-18 01:44:00

    where do I upload my render? thanks.


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